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Blog for Programmers

Well I started a blog long back when I was a programmer and was learning new things and developing various programs and implementing them. 

The blog is called Blog for Programmers and it is still relevant to various new programmers even though programming languages and technologies had advanced like a wild fire, the core principles of programming are still relevant. 

Well I initially thought lets migrate some of the top pages here with a refined look and also upgrade the texts from the blog posts but I found out there are too many that couldn’t be left behind. Plus currently I don’t have time to invest in historical information, may be someday if google decided to shut down blogspot then we can think of migrating to somewhere. 

Anyways check out my Blog if you are curious but some of the good pages that I myself need in futures are listed below: 

Blog For Programmers Pages: 

For more checkout the blog itself. 

This is just few things for my own records. After I moved up the ladder towards team leader and then solution architect. I practically stopped coding for work and started looking into more strategic and holistic approach towards Software Development.

I could have documented the important achievements and the reports that took ages to complete here but I didn’t. Things started to get busier at home with baby and stuff, and so well life went on. Well I am happy to know that these many years flew by without even noticing…


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